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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

Product Image Parade at Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro February 2017- ***Access Group***

Parade at Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro February 2017- ***Access Group***

$ 820.00 USD

Ok, so you samba, you have what it takes to parade at the Rio carnival but doesn't know what are the best samba schools to parade in? We all know that to parade and participate at a Rio samba school nowadays is not that hard. You can easily contact a samba school or various websites and get all the information. But to parade at a samba school in which you will feel part of the community, this has no price. Thinking on this experience we asked Egili's Team to select 2 main samba schools in which she has a very close association and a deep commitment.

Her team has carefully selected two great samba schools where she has an excellent relationship with entire school; from the designer's team, the directors of the school, the samba school staff, to the drummers.These are not just a random selected samba schools, these are a community of friends and family that has been part of Egili's samba life. She knows them on a very close personal and professional level. Why? Because she is from Rio and belongs to these communities of samba. Her life revolves around them.

So this experience will take you to one night of the Access League 

  • Friday February 24th, first night of the Access League 
  • Saturday February 25th, second night of the Access League

Access Group will parade, at 10 pm. We will reveal this samba in early November.

In this group, you will be at the FLOATS. These are the main floats that help tell the story with a theme. They are in general the big attraction of the carnival parade. Each float has a designated and limited number of costumes to be released and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Usually if you do not mind heights, you will be just fine and have an unbelievable time samba dancing.

If you prefer the ground floor costumes, we can coordinate that as well. The difference between the ground floor and the float, is that in general the samba school will require that on floats, that you know the samba school theme songs, called "samba enredo". Also, samba schools will have you sign a release form, releasing them from any responsibility (liability) in case of an accident; after all you will be moving on a car/float, and dancing at the same time. If you abandon your float, the school will most probably loose points. So this is a position that requires dedication and responsibility.

  • Reservation must be made by October 31st to guarantee your space.
  • At the moment we have at least 30 floats position available to be fulfilled.

This experience includes:

  • You will be parading at one float on the samba school.
  • Parade duration is for 60 minutes each school.
  • One complete costume for the parade will be arranged to be picked up 2-3 days prior to the parades. This will be coordinated with Team Egili's staff.
  • Rehearsal for at least 1-2 days at the samba schools to be paraded, coordinated by Team Egili.
  • Special subway tickets that will be used specifically to get to and from the Sambadrome (where the parade takes place). You will be responsible to get there on time with your costume at hand and a designated wing side, previously coordinated with Team Egili's staff.
  • You get to keep your costumes.
  • Professional photography will be provided with at least 20 digital photos.
  • E-mail us if you have any questions! info@brazilcarnivalshop.com

We will ship each costume from its country of origin. Please email us with you shipping address. We will send you a final payment after the costume is ready with the correct shipping price. Each receiving country might have import restrictions, pelase email us at info@brazilcarnivalshop.com

Each costume is hand made exclusively to your size, quantities and style. We would prefer, on a general rule to give you the exact shipping rate AFTER the product is completed. Like this we can weight & measure the product or costume. Some costumes require a bigger shipping box. Some parts of your costume has odd size boxes (like a back wing for example, or a headdress), so we need to address that need at the shipping office. Therefore, the shipping price is given when the costume is 100% complete. We may ask you to send a separate shipping payment (we will invoice you) and NOT CHARGE upfront for shipping on your 1st costume payment. This will give you the client, the exact shipping price and not an "estimated" shipping price. In general terms we use Brazilian Post Office that can easily track the shipments on their website. If the customer prefers, we can use FedEx. Which ever way you choose to ship your product we prefer to talk to you via email and find the best solution, a less costly shipping method before we ship the product. It seems only fair on our point of view!