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    • Terra Samba Backpack
    • Terra Samba Backpack
    • Terra Samba Backpack
    • Terra Samba Backpack

    Terra Samba Backpack

    $ 575.00 USD



    Choose for fitness competitions or as additions to your samba costumes, this feathered backpack is a must to your existing carnaval costume..

    This is a striking Feathered Samba backpack inspired the natural green and brown colors of the earth. The base of this design was created from welded and soldered galvanized wire, for the ultimate wear-ability and security in build.  The backpack will be customized to fit your body type, and can handle moderate flexibility to allow for different visions of the wings-they can be bent closer together, or wider open as pictured. 

    Encrusted with acrylic rhinestones, both on the wings, the appliques in front, and on the feathers themselves, this backpack shines with every movement.  The backpack contains 4 yards of custom dyed rooster coque feathers in shades of green.  Additionally, 20 Lady Amherst pheasant feathers between 30 to 40 inches in length extend the size and volume of the backpack.  Be sure to impress your audience with this striking and incredibly unique feather back pack.

    This backpack can also be customized to fit any color scheme of your costume. 

    Custom costume additions can be made to match this costume piece.

    Please allow 3-4 weeks for your custom design.  Replication and multiple copies are available.  


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