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    • União da Ilha "Nzara Ndembu – Glória ao Senhor Tempo" - Float 04 - Male - BrazilCarnivalShop

    União da Ilha "Nzara Ndembu – Glória ao Senhor Tempo" - Float 04 - Male

    $ 1,300.00 USD



     In this group, you will be at the FLOATS #6 of the União da Ilha Samba School.

    These are the main floats that help tell the story of the samba school with a theme. They are in general the big attraction of the carnival parade. Each float has a designated and limited number of costumes to be released and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Usually if you do not mind heights, you will be just fine and have an unbelievable time samba dancing.

    If you prefer the ground floor costumes, we can coordinate that as well. The difference between the ground floor and the float, is that in general the samba school will require that on floats, that you know the samba school theme songs, called "samba enredo". Also, samba schools will have you sign a release form, releasing them from any responsibility (liability) in case of an accident; after all you will be moving on a car/float, and dancing at the same time. If you abandon your float, the school will most probably loose points. So this is a position that requires dedication and responsibility. You must know the samba theme song prior to your parade. The school will be judged on that. We suggest you to listen and practice the music/lyrics before your arrival.

    Below are some information about your samba school's 2017 theme:

    • You will be parading at one float on the samba school on Monday, February 27th
    • Parade duration is for 60 minutes.
    • You must pick up your costume 7 days prior to the event at the União da Ilha Samba School headquarters located at: R. Rivadávia Corrêa, 60 - Gambôa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20220-290, Brazil
    • We must have your local phone number in case you do not pick up your costume. Please send us your hotel information, contact information at the week of the parade.
    • You get to keep your costumes.
    • This costume has: plumes, boas, acrylic crystals, mirror crystals
    • We will contact you regarding your measurements. We will also need your Brazil shoe size:
    E-mail us if you have any questions!

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