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    • Samba Arm Cuff - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Samba Arm Cuff - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Samba Arm Cuff - BrazilCarnivalShop

    Samba Arm Cuff

    $ 95.00 USD



    Samba dancers have many accessories to make their costume exuberant. Some dancers have already a samba sleeve, but a arm cuff is more jeweled and detailed. An arm cuff is more dressy, and your costume looks stunning and complete. It is a bling addition that samba dancers love.

    We think a arm cuff is a beautiful way to make a simple bikini set to look luxurious and sparkling. Some arm cuffs can be made in a set to match the leg cuff for example. We can custom make the arm cuff to any shape and size. The basic colors are always gold and silver, and depending on your existing costume we can make custom made sets to complete your look. Do not hesitate to send us an email. We really enjoy working with you on any special project!

    • This specific style has one round central crystal beading and dangling crystals.
    • The back has snaps to adjust to your wrist.
    • The back will be made to match your costume and we will add a secondary color to match your costume.
    • Crystal, borreal and acrylic stones are used.
    • Colored stones to match your costume will be used as a detail.
    • We will need your wrist measurements to start the cuff.


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